Tracy and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

At least my day wasn’t as bad as Mark, who has been sick as a dog in bed since noon.

The day started out great. We zipped down to Sammy’s daycare in no time flat. After that, I dropped Mark off, and I was at work less than an hour after we started.

Then things went downhill.

At first, I kept getting interrupted by a guy who wanted to talk to my boss, but since he wasn’t there, kept pestering me about what he wanted with his website. After awhile, he finally left me alone and I got to work on my new project. Then Mark started IM’ing me that he wasn’t feeling well and by 11, he wanted to go home.

This is where the fun begins. See, Thursday is one of my two work days per week. I just started this new project that’s pretty big and pretty involved, and it doesn’t help matters that we don’t have any access to the client’s database. So, just as I’m starting to figure out a way around this problem (in ASP, no less), is when Mark wants to go home. Now I’m having nightmare visions of Sammy not napping and me having to entertain him when I really needed to get work done.

It’s late, so let me cut to the chase. Instead of working through lunch, I end up chauffeuring Mark home, stopping to pick up Sammy along the way. Then I have to feed Sammy lunch. Then I tried to put Sammy down for a nap, and surprise surprise, he didn’t. So I work for a little while in his room while he’s bouncing around his crib like crazy baby. At three, I bring him downstairs and let him watch Thomas (a.k.a. toddler crack) while I get a little more work done.

When I try to feed him a snack, he makes a royal mess of himself, not to mention knocking the cats’ water dish all over the floor with his Thomas toy. After his snack (and a quick clothes change), it’s back into the living room for more playtime and some story reading.

Then I had to field said toddler while I made dinner. Not fun. He started pushing his new table and chair set around the kitchen while I was trying to cook. Since he’s now overtired, he’s a brat at dinner, trying to wiggle out of his chair and throwing his fork to the floor. At least he eats his green beans, and is happy to take a bath. After a few books, he goes in his crib, but cries when I leave the room.

No time to worry about him, I’m off to the grocery store to get ginger ale and saltines for Mark. (Mark later reported that Sammy fell asleep 10 minutes after I left.) I get myself to the store and realize that (again!) I left my wallet at home. Come home, grab wallet, go back to store, get soda and saltines, come home again.

Whew. Oh yeah, did I mention we were suppose to go up to New Jersey tonight? Guess that didn’t happen.

At least I’m not sick (yet!). And heaven help us all if Sammy gets whatever Mark has!

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