Not HIM Again!

Usually on Thursdays Mommy takes me to school in the morning, but today she took me to the mall where I got to play with Ben in the play area. After a little while, Henry and his mommy showed up. Then we went and stood in this line (except I kept escaping and running down the mall; Mommy kept having to chase me!). After a little while, all the mommies tried to give us away to this strange man in a red suit and a long, white beard! He looked like the same guy I saw on a fire engine in front of Grandmommy’s house a few days ago.

So anyway, Mommy tried to put me on his lap, but I was so upset that she was going to leave me with him that I cried and cried! Henry and Ben cried to. So whatever Mommy was going to do (I heard talk of a photo) didn’t happen!

Instead, Ben’s mommy bribed us all with Teddy Grahams and my mommy took this picture.

Teddy Grahams make things better.
I didn’t like the guy in the red suit, but I had fun playing with Ben!

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