Party, Party!

Sometimes, I’m a really busy baby. Today, I had not one but TWO birthday parties to go to. The first was for my friend Natalie. Her mommy and daddy threw a barbeque in their backyard. I got to run around the house (literally!) but what I really liked to do was climb up and down the steps in their yard (Mommy and Daddy helped).

Later, Mommy and Daddy took me to Gymboree where Ben was having his birthday party. I got to play on the equipment. Mommy helped me do a back handspring on the hot dog and a forward roll on the mat. I also liked to play with all the wiffle balls, especially putting them back in their bucket. But I wasn’t too fond of the parachute; I didn’t do that very much.

Then Henry and his mommy and daddy went to dinner with me and Mommy and Daddy. We ate at this very nice Irish restaurant and Henry and I both got macaroni and cheese and ice cream! It was really yummy.

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