Snip, Snip

Whew, today was a busy day. I woke up about 5:30, like I usually do, but Mommy didn’t come in to get me until 6. She saw that I had a really messy diaper, so she asked Daddy to help her. I got a bath, and then I had my breakfast. I kept slipping on the milk I spilled from my bottle. That hurt and made me cry. Then, when eating my cereal, I got very messy so Mommy took me into the shower with her.

Then we went to get Mommy’s car’s oil changed. While we waited, Mommy took me to a playground where I got to run around. There was a slide with a staircase that I like to go up and down on the steps (with Mommy’s help).

After the car was done, Mommy took me to the mall where I got my very first haircut. The nice lady saved some of my hair and gave it to my mom. Then she took some clippers and cut my hair really short. I didn’t mind getting my hair cut that much, but I cried when they tried to take the blue comb I was holding away!

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