Monthly Archives: February 2006


My son is a goofball. We went to buy a new microwave today (because our old one up and died, booger) and while I was holding him in the sling in the store, he kept trying to launch himself backwards, the net result being he was half hanging out of the sling, upside down, and staring at the salesman with a huge grin on his face. No, this boy doesn’t understand how to be cute. Right.

Later, when we went to a party at a friends house, he spent the whole time making goofy faces at everyone. He does this thing where he crinkles up his eyes and nose and puckers his lips and blows, as if he’s trying to whistle but doesn’t know how.

Mommy took me outside again to play in the snow. Again, I was like “What’s going on?” but then she plopped me on top of a snow bank and I got to see all the snow all of the courtyard. Then I slid down the courtyard which was fun. I crawled around where the snow wasn’t too deep which was fun and made me laugh.

Let it Snow!

We got a lot of snow last night, and I mean a lot of snow. The snow in the courtyard this morning was almost as deep as I am tall! (Mommy said it was about 16 inches, which is a whole lot.)

Mommy bundled me up in my snowsuit and took me outside to play (pictures coming later). I wasn’t really sure what to think but there were some other kids playing so I thought it must be all right. I fussed a little because it was cold, but I still had fun. Mommy and I made a snow man and then she made snowballs and threw them across the courtyard.