Monthly Archives: February 2006

Today we went to Little Gym. Mommy tried to get me to walk on the balance beam, but I kept sitting down instead. Then we played baby foosball. All the mommies held their babies up at their waists and swung us so that we kicked balls back and forth. It was a lot of fun!

Today Mommy and Daddy took me to a Super Bowl party with a bunch of other babies (oh, and their mommies and daddies too). I saw Daniel and Natalie again, and met new friends Zoe, Sam, and Phoebe. We had a lot of fun playing and watching the football game (Zoe is a really big Pittsburgh Steelers fan). Then we went home at half time and I went to bed because I was really sleepy.

Today, Mommy and Daddy got the new bed that they ordered in December. The new mattress isn’t as bouncy as the old one, but it’s very very soft.

When Daddy was watching me and Mommy was upstairs I unzipped the water bottle pocket in Mommy’s diaper bag and pulled out the water bottle and zipped up the compartment again. I’m so clever.

Today was a long day. We took Daddy up to his training class in Columbia this morning and then came home. I was sleepy, so I fell asleep in the car on our way home. Later, Mommy took me to the library for story time. We saw my old friend Jack there, along with his mommy. Then Mommy and I went back to Columbia to the shopping mall where we ate lunch (I eat a lot). Mommy took me to the pet store and I giggled looking at all the cute puppies, birdies, fishies, and guinea pigs. After that, we picked up Daddy from his class and came home. Then Uncle Kyle came to visit. He’s going to be here for a few days.

Wait a minute!! It has come to my attention that this whole shadow thing is something that groundhogs are supposed to do, not babies! Mommy is comparing me to a four-legged rodent and that doesn’t seem very nice.