Merry Christmas!

So this is what this Christmas thing is all about!!!

I woke up this morning and Mommy brought me downstairs where we opened a whole bunch of presents! Grandma Wendy got me some cool books, fuzzy stuffed animals like Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, and pretty clothes. Grandma Lolo got me a toy choo-choo train and a book about space that my Uncle Boo can read to me. Uncle Boo got me a toy workshop that makes lots of noise. And Santa Claus got me a bunch of stuff too, like a bongo drum and a Winnie the Pooh activity tree. Wow, talk about toy overload!

I got Daddy some things too, like a mousepad with my picture on it and a funny book about taking care of kids. (Mommy helped with those.)

Then at night, Chanukah started. Mommy lit some pretty candles and said that every night for the next eight nights we’d light more and more.

This was so much fun, I wish it could be Christmas and Chanukah every day!




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