Monthly Archives: December 2005

I was crawling around on the floor today, but then I slipped and I fell on my face and cut my lip. It wasn’t very bad, and I only cried a little bit, but it still wasn’t fun.

Then Mommy and Daddy took me on a trip. We went out exploring and drove up north to a town in Pennsylvania called Gettysburg. Mommy says there’s a lot of stuff there about something called the Civil War because a really big battle was fought there. But we just had lunch and did a little shopping. Then we came home.

Merry Christmas!

So this is what this Christmas thing is all about!!!

I woke up this morning and Mommy brought me downstairs where we opened a whole bunch of presents! Grandma Wendy got me some cool books, fuzzy stuffed animals like Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, and pretty clothes. Grandma Lolo got me a toy choo-choo train and a book about space that my Uncle Boo can read to me. Uncle Boo got me a toy workshop that makes lots of noise. And Santa Claus got me a bunch of stuff too, like a bongo drum and a Winnie the Pooh activity tree. Wow, talk about toy overload!

I got Daddy some things too, like a mousepad with my picture on it and a funny book about taking care of kids. (Mommy helped with those.)

Then at night, Chanukah started. Mommy lit some pretty candles and said that every night for the next eight nights we’d light more and more.

This was so much fun, I wish it could be Christmas and Chanukah every day!




The Night Before Christmas

Mommy had to work at the mall today, but she came home early so that she could read me a special bedtime story called “The Night Before Christmas.” It was all about this man named St. Nicholas who visits people at midnight on the night before Christmas and gives presents to good boys and girls. Mommy says that St. Nicholas is another name for Santa Claus, the nice man I met a few weeks ago and got my picture taken with. Then I fell asleep on Mommy’s lap while she, Daddy, Grandma Lolo, and Uncle Boo all watched a movie called “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Then I went to bed, with Mommy promising me a big surprise in the morning…

Today, Mommy, Daddy, Grandma Lolo and I went to a place called North Carolina. They all wanted to go furniture shopping. We went to a really big store where they had lots and lots of different things. All sorts of beds, tables, chairs… it was really neat to see! They bought me a desk for when I’m bigger. While we were there, Mommy put me in her carrier and carried me around on her back. It was so comfy, that I fell asleep there!

Mommy took me to meet someone today. His name is Santa Claus, and apparently the deal is I get to tell him what I want for Christmas, and he’ll bring it to me. Sounds pretty sweet. I couldn’t think of what I wanted, so I just smiled and got my picture taken.

Me and Santa