SkinsBlog 9/12/05

Let the quarterback controversy begin!

So Ramsey lasted nary a quarter, and after a particularly nasty headhunter hit, was gone for the rest of the game. In the interests of full disclosure, I’m not a Brunell fan. More importantly, I think it’s extremely difficult for an offense to run plays designed for a righty and then abruptly switch to a lefty quarterback. This was especially evident when Brunell kept rolling to his right.

Still, we managed to eke out a narrow victory. Normally, I’d say you can’t win a game on field goals alone, but this is one matchup where I thought it would be possible, and that’s exactly what happened. The 9-7 win was narrower than even I expected, but it was just enough, and a win is a win at the end of the day.

Elsewhere around the NFL, I hope nobody put money on my picks. But honestly, there were some major upsets that unfolded yesterday, and I doubt even some of the best prognosticators out there got them all right. A few highlights:

Miami over Denver. Shows you just how much difference a coach can make.

San Francisco over St. Louis. If you told me you saw that coming, you’d be lying.

Cincinnati over Cleveland. As previously mentioned, who outside Ohio really cares anyway?

New Orleans over Carolina. Certainly the feel-good story of the day.

Kansas City over New York Jets. Well, six fumbles by your quarterback will do that to a team.

Dallas over San Diego. A last minute nail-biter if there ever was one.

We’ll see tonight how Atlanta does versus Philly, but I still predict an upset by the Falcons.

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