Obsolesence Ad Nauseum

I’m learning a little more about the iPod nano, and something that doesn’t make me very happy: It will not sync with a FireWire connection. It’s USB only, baby, and that really galls at me.

I currently own three Macs (and a PC), but despite my significant contribution to Apple’s profit fund over the years, I am left with no way to connect an iPod nano to any of my machines via a high-speed connection. Yes, I can transfer at a pathetically slow USB 1.1, but it’s the principle that’s at stake here. Never has Apple’s desire to screw with their loyal consumer base been so blatant.

Because let’s reflect here for a moment. Apple has already announced Intel-based machines in the not-too-distant future. So, we either wait to upgrade our machines once the MacTels come out, or pony up the extra cash now on a USB 2.0 capable Mac. You can guess which path Apple would like us to choose. They’re scared sh*tless that no one will buy a G*-based Mac with the impending arrival of the Intels, so they give us the nano as an incentive to upgrade sooner rather than later. It’s sneaky, and I don’t like it much.

That said, will I buy a nano? Well, I don’t really have the cash at the moment for it to be an issue (buying a house and having a baby in one 12-month span will do that to one’s bank account). But if I could, then yes, I’d still buy a nano — and still wait on upgrading my machine. After all, I envision that I’d use a nano mostly for podcasts and baby photos. But I still fear how long it would take me to upload on my lowly USB 1.1 port. 🙁

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