Happy birthday and whatever…

Okay, today’s my xx birthday. Well kiss my hairy yellow butt.

Lovely thing about birthdays is that it reminds you you’re getting older. Well, at least you can get free stuff which in this case was a free meal at Todai seafood buffet. Not a bad deal. And aside from idiot California drivers and not knowing which direction is which on I-580, it was a pretty good day overall.

Quick entry today. I have a headache from eating my first sugar in 3 weeks.

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Tracy Rotton is Founder & Principal of Taupecat Studios. With twenty years of web development experience for large corporations, government contractors, and boutique agencies, she has experience building dynamic web experiences for clients both large and small. She's also a co-organizer of WordPress DC, one of the most active and popular WordPress meetup groups in the world, and has spoken at WordCamps and other technology conferences throughout the U.S.

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