Monthly Archives: February 2004


Okay, it’s been awhile since I’ve been here. A lot’s happened that I want to gripe about.

So last Friday I’m working from home because of some husband things. Around 6pm I get a phone call; it’s the new VP of marketing for my company. (For some, G*d only knows reason, I’m in the marketing department, even though I’m really just a PHP programmer). Anyway, he’s calling to let me know that my boss has been let go. Ouch. Some business decision or some crap. There are a ton of theories going around, but the real truth lies with the two-faced CEO. But anyways…

He also lets me know that he’s moving our group upstairs to the old sales office. The small, cramped sales offices with crummy desks. Oh, and later I realize that MY desk is right in front of one of the product marketing guy’s offices. He’s ALWAYS talking, either on the phone or with someone in his office and the door open. I’m never going to get anything done.

But the conversation gets better. The VP guy, my new boss, apparently, tells me he thinks I spend too much time doing IT stuff. I’m a PHP programmer, for crying out loud!! What does he think I should be doing? Well, I’ve had enough of this conversation, and him going over and over “Not to worry”. Well, screw that. Anyway, we make a deal to talk more on Tuesday (thank G*d for three day weekends) and the conversation, mercifully, ends.

Time to make contingency plans. Now’s the time to switch over to being the financial planner I’m training to be. Unfortunately, my cell phone (which doesn’t work in my office anyway, damn Cingular) has been abducted by my husband, so I have to wait for the Verizon ones we’ve ordered before I can start down that track.

Well, Tuesday comes, and of course the whole day (and my left thigh) is blown by moving. Gotta get the computer hooked up, phone, yadda yadda yadda. I have no bookcase, so all my PHP and language books are strewn across the floor behind me. Hopefully that bookcase won’t take too long to arrive. (Oh, and before my computer is even hooked up, the channel sales director asks me if I’m finished that project for him. Give me a frelling break!!)

Also, I’ve made a decision to not use my Mac at work anymore. It’s mine, not the company’s, and I don’t want anyone there claiming otherwise if I’m shown the door (which I half expected). So I’ve got to use my crappy windows machine. It’s slow, nothing is configured right, I don’t have the fonts I need for graphics, and it takes me twice as long to do anything. But whatever. At one point I did need to work on graphics, so I just kicked the graphic designer off his dual-processor PowerMac G5. Sweet…..

But a bit of good news: apparently my long-awaited PO for an iMac has gone through. Yay!!! Okay, I’d be happier if it was the PowerBook, but hey. It’ll do. Too bad I might only need it for a few months before I’m outta there. I feel like such a short-timer already.

And about the meeting with Mr. VP. This was Tuesday. He took back his “spending too much time doing IT stuff” comment. Apparently he realized that he doesn’t really know what I do, so who is he to judge? Well, duh. Nice revelation. Any resemblance of his to Dilbert’s pointy-haired boss is purely accurate.

Well, the crap doesn’t end there, but I gotta bolt right now. More griping later.

Happy birthday and whatever…

Okay, today’s my xx birthday. Well kiss my hairy yellow butt.

Lovely thing about birthdays is that it reminds you you’re getting older. Well, at least you can get free stuff which in this case was a free meal at Todai seafood buffet. Not a bad deal. And aside from idiot California drivers and not knowing which direction is which on I-580, it was a pretty good day overall.

Quick entry today. I have a headache from eating my first sugar in 3 weeks.

Welcome to my world!

Hi, folks, and welcome to my little corner of the Internet. Okay, I actually have a *bunch* of corners in the Internet, but whatever.

Here’s where I’ll be ranting and raving about things that you don’t care about at all, cheering every Washington Redskins’ victory, and declaring, without a moment’s hesitation, that yes, Joe Gibbs IS g*d. Okay, ’nuff said.

I’m really excited right now. My boss is sending me to a conference next month in New York City. How cool is that? Aside from some personal reasons why I’d like to be in New York as much as possible in the next six months, it’s just a really cool town. Lots to do, visiting my friends, yadda yadda yadda.

Don’t get me wrong. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area is nice and all (especially when it’s 65 deg. in February), but really it’s as boring as hell here sometimes. That I’m going to be paid to go to New York is just an awesome plus.

Oh yeah, I have to go to a search engine conference while I’m there. Eh. Might learn something.

Well, I guess I’m done with my inaugural entry. I’ll have a lot more stuff to rant about later.