My New Room!

Last weekend, I moved into my brand new room. Mommy has been working very hard painting it all summer. It’s green on the bottom and cream on top, just like Gordon’s coaches. And all around the room there is a scenic picture of Thomas and all of his friends!

I helped Daddy put the stickers on the wall.
Mommy and Daddy installed a whole new closet system to keep all of my clothes and books nice and neat.
Best of all, I have a brand new bed that’s just my height! I like to sleep there with all my fuzzy friends.

The whole room is a Thomas the Tank Engine paradise. I’ve got Thomas the Tank Engine curtains, Thomas sheets on my bed, and a giant stuffed Thomas to snuggle. I even have a Thomas beanie chair to sit in, but I like to sit on the floor or my bed when I read my books.

Mommy and Daddy still have more work to do, like put up some shelves and a curtain in front of the closet, but I really like it a lot!

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