California, Here I Come!

Wow, what an adventure I was on! Mommy, Daddy and Grandmommy took me all the way to California, which is very far from here. Daddy had a conference to go to in a place called San Jose, so we all went together and took a really neat trip.

First, I got to go on an airplane. It was tight, and I had to sit in my car seat which I didn’t like too much. I was cranky for having woken up so early and didn’t sleep very much. Mommy tried to keep me entertained with some Baby Einstein videos. That helped a little.

When we got there, we saw all sorts of neat stuff. I got to go to the beach and see the Pacific Ocean. Then we went up to Marin County (driving over the Golden Gate Bridge) and walked through Muir Woods. Mommy and Grandmommy took me to Grandmommy’s favorite needlework store in Alameda, and then we went to Berkeley to meet a friend of my mommy’s for lunch.

Some nights, Grandmommy would babysit with me while Mommy and Daddy went out to visit other old friends of theirs from when they used to live in California. We all went out to dinner one night in Palo Alto and got to see a bunch of Mommy’s old friends from her jobs here. Another day, Mommy and Grandmommy took me to the Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose and I got to play with lots of fun things!

Of course we also got to go to San Francisco. One day, Grandmommy and Mommy took me shopping, and then we went to lunch in this really great place that served yummy scrambled eggs (near the neighborhood where Mommy and Daddy used to live). Anther day, we all went to Fisherman’s Warf and I got to see all the sea lions sitting in the sun.

Then we got on another airplane and flew home. It was an overnight flight, and I spent most of the time sleeping on either Mommy or Daddy. We didn’t sleep that well, though, so we slept a lot when we got home.

It was a really fun trip!

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