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Sammy’s having his mid-nap fuss a little early today, it’s only 1:45.

Anyhoo, you may recall that a couple of weeks ago I blogged about something called Pzizz. It was for a MacZot blogzot, which is where the more people blog about a product, the cheaper it becomes until (hopefully) it’s free for everyone.

Well, it didn’t quite make the free for everyone level, but since I blogged about it I got serial numbers for the nap and sleep modules.

Okay, the premise for something like pzizz may seem a little hokey to someone like me who knows nothing about the science behind it, but I tell you, I love it! It’s basically gentle, sleep inducing sounds accompanied by a calm voice sending you relaxing vibes. You can either play it through the computer (although with my MacBook Pro’s slightly tinny speakers, this is not an ideal method), or export it to iTunes for loading into your music player of choice. The nice thing about it is every time you run the program (or export the files), you get a newly-generated program. When I try to fall asleep to my own music, I begin to “anticipate” the music because I’ve heard it so many times. With pzizz, you don’t have that problem.

And at first I thought the voice that tells you things like “Thoughts are just thoughts; you don’t have to think them” would be a little annoying, but really it works. And if you really don’t like the voice, you can limit it to the beginning & end, or eliminate it entirely.

One thing you have to do is make sure that you have the file in a playlist all by itself, or else your iPod is going to move onto the next pzizz file when it finishes the one you played. You usually don’t want that.

As for the sounds themselves, they’re kind of new-agey, like Enya slowed down even more, mixed in with other gentle sound effects like ocean sounds, etc.

The only thing pzizz doesn’t do is actually find you 20 minutes to use it. But now that Sammy is taking a regular nap in the afternoon, I’ve been able to squeeze in a 20 or 30 minute “energizer” nap before running around and doing the zillion chores I have to do every afternoon while he sleeps. I’ve also used the “sleep” module when going to bed at night. Now, it’s kind of weird to go to sleep with earbuds on, but until I put an iPod speaker setup back in my bedroom (really I just need to grab a pair of powered computer speakers I’m not using), it’s the only way I can use it in it’s sleep mode. At some point during the night, I vaguely realize that I have earbuds on and nothing is playing on the iPod, and I manage to plop the whole thing on my bedside chest.

All in all, I give pzizz a big thumbs up.

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