A Walk in the Park

Today was Little Gym day. During introductions, we all did forward rolls. Then when we did the warmups, I wanted to do another one. So I put my hands and head down on the mat and Mommy came over and helped me do another forward roll. It was a lot of fun.

After Little Gym, Mommy took me to see a friend of hers who just had a baby. The baby was so tiny! Mommy says she doesn’t remember when I was that small. After awhile, I started getting very cranky so Mommy took me home and I took a nice, long nap. Mommy says she took a nap too.

After we picked up Daddy at the metro in the afternoon, we all went for a walk at Brookside Gardens. I saw lots of pretty flowers, including azaleas, pansies, and tulips. They were very colorful! Mommy noticed a tiny baby turtle walking very slowly across the path. She picked him up and put him carefully by the edge of the pond so that no one would step on him.

Then we came home and had dinner. I make a big mess at dinner now, so Mommy usually has to give me a bath afterwards. I guess it’s very appropriate that she gave me a bib that says, “Dinner’s on me!”

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