Happy Birthday to Me!!

Today was my birthday! I’m a whole year old today! And boy did I have a lot of fun!

First, a whole bunch of my friends came over. There was Ben and his mommy and daddy, Henry with his mommy and daddy, and Andrew with his mommy. The grown ups had pizza, soda, fruit and cookies. Us babies had fruit puffs and baby food. There were balloons and decorations and even a birthday cake. The cake had a Winnie the Pooh candle on it and everyone sang me the Happy Birthday song and then I blew out the candle (with Mommy’s help). Then the grown-ups had cake. Mommy gave me a taste of cake, but I spit it out. I don’t like the texture of cake and bread very much.

Then Mommy laid out a spoon, a spool of thread, a book and a dollar bill on the floor and told me to pick something. First I picked the spoon, and then I picked the spool of thread. Mommy said this meant that I would have good health and long life. It’s a Korean tradition that Calvin did at his party, and Mommy liked it so we did it too. Then Mommy gave me a pat on the bottom. She said that this is what her pop-pop used to do on her birthdays when she was a child.

Then I got to open all my presents. Andrew got me a cool thing of building blocks with a wagon to carry them in. Henry got me some neat books including a new copy of “Goodnight Moon” (I’ve nearly chewed through my old copy), and Ben got me some cool little cars that are all rubbery. I know I’m going to chew on those a lot!

I was so excited at the end of the day that I could hardly sleep. I didn’t even take my afternoon nap, but rather played with all my new toys. I especially like the blue building blocks (blue is my favorite color). Mommy and Grandma Lolo had to go out so Daddy tried to put me to bed, but I kept bouncing up and down in my crib so he brought me back down to play. When Mommy came home, she took me upstairs, nursed me, and then put me to bed. I fussed and complained for a little while, but I was so tired that I fell asleep in a few minutes.

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