Monthly Archives: October 2005


Today is my first Halloween, but Mommy didn’t take me out Trick or Treating. Instead, we went to the library for Cuddle-Ups. I wore my Winnie the Pooh outfit. Henry and Donna were there, and Henry was dressed up like a pumpkin. There was also a duck and a lady bug.

Then, Mommy took me a lot of places because she had a lot of errands to do. Later, she took me to the supermarket where she got a flu shot. She didn’t even cry or anything!

Mommy and I like to play this game. It’s called “Get These Things Off My Feet.” How it works is this: Mommy puts something on my feet. Sometimes they’re called “slippers,” other times they’re called “socks.” Then I try to get them off. Sometimes I yank them off, but what’s really fun is to sit in my car seat and rub my feet together really hard until they fall off. Then Mommy puts them back on my feet. We play this game all day, but then Mommy gives up and I win! Hah hah hah!


Today Mommy took me to the library for Cuddle-Ups. It was fun. We sang songs and said rhymes. Well, Mommy did. Mostly I just bounced on her knee.

Donna and Henry were at the library too. Afterwards, we went out to lunch near our house. Then we went to Soo Young and Calvin’s house. Calvin and I played. There were other babies there too: Henry, Benjamin and Ella. We had lots of fun and then Mommy took me to pick up Daddy at the Metro station.

That’s Calvin playing with my dragon fly.

We had music class today. Afterwards, we went to lunch with Danny, Leila and Grace and their mommies. Then Mommy picked up a big box from the mailbox. It was addressed to me! It was from Grandmommy Rotton. Inside, there was a teddy bear as big as me!