Happy Independence Day!

Wow! What a busy weekend!

On Thursday, Mommy and Daddy packed me and all my stuff into the car and we drove a long time to get to a place called New Jersey. This is where Grandma Lolo lives. This was the first time since Mommy and Daddy brought me home from the hospital that I stayed overnight in a new place. It took us three hours to get there, and at first I didn’t want to go to sleep. But Daddy kept putting his arm on me, and I’d fall asleep. As soon as he took his arm off of me, I’d wake up so he kept his arm on me the whole time.

On Friday, Mommy and Daddy took me over to Grandma’s office to meet the nice ladies she works with. They were very friendly and said I was cute. Then later, Daddy’s friend Unkie Kyle came to visit and we all went for a walk around the neighborhood.

Then on Saturday, Grandma and her neighbor threw a barbeque by Grandma’s pool. There were a lot of people there, including Grandma’s friends Uncle Charlie and Auntie Sue and Grandma’s neighbor Auntie Beth. Auntie Beth’s son Chris and daughter Erin also were there with all of their kids. That was four little girls who were all fascinated by me. They kept touching me and saying “hi”. When I started getting fussy, Grandma held me for awhile, but then I started getting fussy again and Auntie Sue held me for awhile. Auntie Sue was really nice.

After the barbeque, I fell asleep. Mommy took me over to the lake shore to see the fireworks, but there were a lot of bugs out and the fireworks were loud so Mommy took me home again. It was past my bedtime anyway.

Then on Sunday Mommy and Daddy went to the mall while I stayed home with Grandma. Auntie Beth, Erin, Chris, and the little girls came over to go in Grandma’s pool. Mommy put on my hat and sunglasses and took me out for a few minutes, and I got to dip my toes in the water. It was really neat and I can’t wait until next summer when I’ll be big enough to really go in the swimming pool, with Mommy’s help of course. That night we all went out for a walk around the block again. There are a lot of trees and birds and other things to look at where Grandma lives and it was really pretty.

Monday morning meant it was time for Mommy and Daddy to take me back home to Maryland. It was a long trip again but I slept all the way. When we got home Mommy and Daddy were really tired and took naps. I ate a lot. :-D I must have gotten a bug bite while we were at Grandma Lolo’s house because I kept scratching my head. :-(

Then on Monday night Mommy and Daddy gave me a bath. Daddy bumped my head on a frying pan when he went to put me in my tub, but it didn’t hurt very much. I was fussy and tired from the long weekend and Mommy put me to bed.

When Mommy has time, she’s going to put pictures from this weekend here.

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