I’m baaaaccckkk

Has it really been so long since I wrote in here? Yikes.

Well, the reasoning is something like this: I created this little corner of the web to gripe about my pointy-haired boss and how he was making all of our working lives completely miserable.

Well, while I was hanging around the East Coast, I got a call from a coworker saying Mr. Pointy-Hair had been fired. Yipee!! Suddenly there was a bit less to gripe about, and I kinda stopped coming here.

Well, more stuff’s gone on. For one thing, Mr. Pointy-Hair was eventually replaced by another pointy hair. Meh.

But that’s okay, really, since I’m not in that office anymore. I’ve moved my butt out to the East Coast for good, and now I don’t even have to deal with Mr. Never Turns the Light On in His Office. Heh.

So whatsoever shall I talk about here? Well, I’ll go on a bit about my Stargate SG-1 obsession (but since I contribute so much to Gateworld’s forum, I don’t know how much I’ll talk about it here). And just random gripings and musings as they come to me. So nothing specific.

Someone care to propose a topic?

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