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Kornheiser on Insurance

Still don’t think that our current medical insurance system is screwed up? Listen to this clip from the Tony Kornheiser show (aired September 9, 2009). Apparently Tony doesn’t make enough money to qualify for dental insurance. Hello? Do they know who he is?

A Radical Idea

UPDATE: Brennan placed on IR today. So as Rosanne Rosannadanna would say, never mind.

I hope Colt Brennan gets cut today. For his sake.

After his injury on Thursday’s preseason loss to the Jaguars, the rumors have been flying around that in order to save face and keep four quarterbacks on their roster, the Redskins might keep Colt Brennan but place him on injured reserve, leaving Chase “don’t call him Daniels” Daniel as the #3. That would be the end of Brennan’s season, before it even begins.

If Todd Collins is truly solid as the #2 quarterback (which I think is a huge mistake, but then again, Vinny didn’t ask me), then either Colt or Chase has to go today, unless the ‘Skins really do pull off this IR move. But for what purpose? To have this same debate this time next year, plus any other QB they draft next April? A further lag on Brennan’s career, to be sure, made worse if he doesn’t get any playing exposure this year.

Better solution: cut him, trade him, whatever, so he can go to a team that needs him more. If he really is the Hawaiian wunderkind everyone thought he was last year, then surely three or four teams would be happy to snap him up and put him in their #2 spot, with a shot of taking real game snaps by November.

Washington is a town that likes to speed-date it’s quarterbacks. If you haven’t shown by your third game that you’re going to take this team to a Super Bowl, then we’re off to find our next true love. Campbell is the longest relationship we’ve had in a long time, and his future, at least right now, seems pretty solid here. So, Colt, if you’re looking for a meaningful, long-term relationship, it’s probably time you asked to see other teams.