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If ever I had any doubts as to my place in my son’s priorities, they were quashed this morning.

Hubby is taking a sick day today, so I got to drop Sammy off at daycare solo. He was fine getting out of the car, fine climbing up the concrete steps towards the church, and fine going down the hallway towards the daycare room. But then he got the look on his face as if I were leaving him forever. He didn’t want to go into the room (I had to carry him) and just wanted to hug me and not let me go.

Then the head teacher brought out the box of the big Thomas train track. Immediately, my son forgets that I even exist and runs as fast as his little legs can carry him to the box. Keep in mind that she hadn’t actually taken the toy out of the box yet.

When last we saw little Sammy, he was drooling over the box, not even acknowledging my “Bye-byes” as I head out.

<sigh> The fickleness of toddlers.

Sick Toddler

I just got over being sick. I was sick for a week with a fever and I didn’t want to eat or do very much besides sleep. Mommy said it was something called “roseola,” but I’m all better now.

See, two Saturday’s ago, my friend Ben’s mommy called my mommy and said we should all go out to dinner. While we were there, I started to not feel very good. I didn’t eat or fuss, but just put my head down on Daddy’s arm. When we got home that night, I was running a fever.

All day Sunday I just lied around being sick. After my nap, I started coughing and spitting up the orange juice I had been drinking. Mommy took my temperature again and it was 105.5°! That’s very high. So Mommy and Daddy took me to the emergency room. There they took some blood to run tests (I didn’t like that very much) and gave me some medicine to feel better. When we came home, I felt a little better and ate some food. Then it was late and I went to bed.

The next morning, Mommy and Daddy took me to the doctor. There, they took more blood (that was starting to get old) and ran some other tests, but they didn’t know what was making me sick. So Mommy and Daddy had to take me to another doctor where they used a special camera to look inside my chest, just to make sure that I didn’t have pneumonia or something. Also, Daddy had to go get some medicine for me, but that tasted really yucky and I didn’t like to eat it.

Later on Monday, Grandmommy came down from New Jersey to help Mommy and Daddy. On Tuesday, she took me to the doctor again with Daddy. Then they brought me home and I spent the rest of the day sleeping and watching Thomas on TV. Wednesday, I was still feeling sick. This time, Mommy stayed home with me and Grandmommy. I still didn’t want to do too much except sleep. Sometimes I would feel a little better and play a little.

By Thursday, I was really starting to feel better. I wasn’t running a fever anymore and I was starting to eat more. Grandmommy went back to New Jersey. On Friday, Mommy took me back to the doctor. I had a little rash, but it didn’t bother me. That’s when the doctor said I probably had roseola. That meant I could stop taking the yucky medicine. I wasn’t very good when the doctor tried to examine me; I cried and fussed a lot.

So now I’m all better, and fussing and throwing tantrums and playing and eating graham crackers like a toddler should. I didn’t like being sick very much, but I got a couple of new Thomas toys (Gordon and Percy, to be exact) and Thomas books out of it. I guess that’s something.