Monthly Archives: May 2006

Heat Wave

Today Mommy took me to a park that had a lot of cool things to play on. Mostly though I just liked roaming around the playground. It was very hot though and after a little while I didn’t feel so good. Mommy took me to a restaurant for lunch along with Ben, Henry, Sarah and their mommies. Mommy let me have some of her potato pancakes. They were yummy.

Pretty Flowers

Mommy and Daddy took me to a garden store today. There were lots of pretty flowers all over. Mommy and Daddy picked out two pretty red roses and took them home. While I was taking my nap, Mommy went outside and planted the roses in front of our house.

Today at lunch, Daddy gave me crackers to eat. I took it and dipped it into Daddy’s dip and ate it. The dip had horseradish in it and it tasted funny. I didn’t like it so I spit it out. Also for lunch Mommy and Daddy gave me sticky rice. I got sticky rice all over me and Mommy had to give me a bath to get it all off. For dinner we had hot dogs that were really chewy and yummy potatoes that Mommy made from a recipe from Grandma Wendy.

Today Mommy, Daddy and I went to the gardens for a walk. Mommy and Daddy let me out of my stroller and I get to walk across a big grassy area. That’s a lot of fun.

We did some shopping, and then we went home. I took a nap and then after my nap I played with Daddy for awhile. I like to bring Daddy things, like my blocks. I just keep bringing him more and more blocks and he keeps taking them. Sometimes he builds a little tower out of them, but then I knock it down.

Sometimes I bring my blocks to Mommy, but I like bringing them to Daddy most of the time.

Happy Birthday, Henry!

Today Mommy and Daddy took me to Henry’s house. He was having a birthday party and Calvin and Brendan were also there. It was a lot of fun. Mommy fed me some of Miss Donna’s really yummy macaroni and cheese. Daddy fed me pizza toppings which were also yummy. Then we had birthday cupcakes. I liked to run through Miss Donna’s house and take Henry’s toys and throw them over their baby gate. It was a fun day.

Oh, and I run into things a lot. Before we went to Henry’s house, I was running in our kitchen and I ran into the stool. I gave myself a boo-boo on my mouth, but I feel better now. Mommy calls me “crash.”

Party Time!

Today Mommy and Daddy took me out to Daddy’s boss’ house. He was throwing a party and I got to meet a bunch of people Daddy works with. I liked to watch the two puppy dogs, one named Einstein and one named Sadie. Sadie was a retriever. She made people keep throwing a tennis ball into the river behind Daddy’s boss’ house so that she could jump in the water and get it again.

Later, people went out on a boat ride, but Mommy and Daddy took me home instead because I was getting cranky from not taking my nap.

This weekend we went up to visit Grandma Lolo in New Jersey. I didn’t sleep well the first night we were there. Mommy had to come into my room and nurse me to get me to sleep, but I’d keep waking up and crying. The next morning, my diaper was really messy and I had a fever. Mommy said I had a stomach bug. I didn’t eat very much and instead took two naps instead of my usual one. But on Sunday I was feeling much better and was eating again.

Block Party

This morning, I embarked on a new endeavor. You see, I have recently discovered that I have the ability to toss things over other things at will. For example, I can toss my taggie blankie out of my crib, or (and this is my favorite) I can toss toys over the baby gates that keep me from tumbling down the stairs.

So this morning, I decided it would be a good idea to take all of my peek-a-blocks and toss them over the baby gate in the living room. I picked two up (one in each hand, of course), walked over to the gate, and sent the blocks bouncing down the steps. Once that was done, I walked back over to my stash of peek-a-blocks, picked two up, and walked back to the gate and tossed them over. I kept doing this over and over. It was a lot of fun. By the time I was done I had blocks and a bunch of other toys all over the stairs. heh heh heh

Today Mommy took me to the zoo with Henry and Ben and their mommies. We saw the pandas, a lion, a tiger and other animals. It was a lot of fun, but I was fussy a lot and made Mommy carry me some of the time.

After the zoo, we all went to lunch, and then Mommy took me home. It was a busy day.