Monthly Archives: March 2006

Ooh, the Zoo!

It was really warm today and we all went to the zoo. We saw elephants, and zebras, and even the baby panda, Tai Shan! Well, we saw him for a few seconds but then he tumbled down a hill and we couldn’t see him anymore. So we just watched his mom, Mei Xiang, eat her bamboo. I called everything “kee-ca”, because everything looks like a kitty cat to me.

New Faces / Familiar Faces

Today I met my Grandmommy Wendy and my Auntie Julie. They came all the way from Colorado just to see me! They’re really nice and brought me lots of new toys, books and stuffed animals. We went to the mall and had lots of fun.

Then Mommy took me to Calvin’s birthday party. He turned 1 year old! It was at Gymboree, and all my friends were there: Henry, Katheryn and Ben. Calvin was walking and everything. We played on the equipment, sang songs, blew bubbles, and played with the parachute. It was lots of fun and I was really tired when we went home so I went right to bed.

Today was my 11 month birthday. I’m getting to be a big kid!

Mommy took me to the mall today and we met up with Donna and Henry there. Mommy bought a bathing suit for herself, some medicine for me (I have a cold), and then we had lunch. When we got home, I wouldn’t take a nap. Daddy stayed home from work today because he has a cold too. He tried to get me to take a nap too, but I wouldn’t. So he put me to bed early.