Monthly Archives: November 2005

Time to Sign

Mommy and Daddy took me to a class today where we learned how to do baby sign language. Daddy thinks that I can already do the sign for “milk,” but the lady who taught the class said that that’s just something babies do with their hands naturally.

Anyway, Andrew and his mommy and daddy were there. It was a fun day. After class, we all went up to New Jersey to spend Thanksgiving with Grandma Lolo.

Movie Time!

Mommy took me to the movies again today with Lauren and Nettie. Before the movie, Mommy took me to the fake grass across the street from the theater and I got to step on it and crawl on it just a little. Then we went into the movie but I don’t remember what the movie was because I slept through the whole thing! Then we went to Whole Foods so Mommy could get me more cereal. While we were there, it started raining really hard. Even though we had rain coats on, we got really wet. Then we picked up Daddy from work and came home.

Today was the last day of music class. I got to sit on the parachute, but then I fell over and cried. But Mommy picked me up and I felt better. We also got to do “Ding-a-Ding,” which is one of my favorite songs.

After music class, we went over to Lauren’s house and hung out with a bunch of my friends. Henry was there, and so was Andrew and Abigail. Even Jeremiah and his mommy showed up. I had fun playing with Lauren, but I got fussy because I was overtired and wouldn’t take a nap.

We had a really busy day today. Mommy took me to the library for Cuddle-Ups again. Donna and Henry were there and we all had fun with the bounces. Then we all went to lunch. I had fun dropping all of my toys out of my stroller. After that we all went to the mall, where I took a nap. I got to meet Mommy’s boss at the store she’ll be working at this Christmas. She says she’s going to use her employee discount to get me new clothes! Then we went to Whole Foods so that Mommy could get me some baby food green beans (I can’t wait to try them!). Then we went home and took a nap.

When Mommy and Daddy tried to put me to bed, I was really fussy and wouldn’t go to sleep.

Daddy-Baby Day

Last night was really rough. I didn’t want to sleep by myself in my crib, but Mommy didn’t feel well and said that she couldn’t sleep on the mattress with me. So I cried even though she and Daddy tried to get me back to sleep.

But in the morning, Mommy went off to go to a new job and we had Daddy-Baby day. I took a nap next to Daddy and we played together.