Monthly Archives: July 2005

So today Mommy gave me a bath and I was all neat and clean. But then I spat up. That’s okay, because she wiped the spit up off of me. Then she put me in my crib so I could take a nap. I only slept for a few minutes, but then I started fussing. When Daddy came upstairs to check on me, he saw that I had pooped all over the place. Daddy cleaned my sheets while Mommy gave me another bath. Then we went for a walk around the neighborhood and I saw a bunny rabbit.

Bye Bye!

Mommy took Uncle Arthur and Auntie Jennie to the airport today so they could go back to England. I’m going to miss them. They were really nice and I hope that Mommy and Daddy take me to England soon so that I can see them again.

While Mommy took them to the airport, Daddy put me in the swing and I fell asleep. But then I was really fussy at bedtime tonight and didn’t want to go to sleep.

Today we went to the mall so that Mommy and Daddy could get the pictures that we took a couple of weeks ago. Then Auntie Jennie and Uncle Arthur walked around with me while Mommy and Daddy go their hair cut. We all had fun.

Today, Mommy, Daddy, Auntie Jennie and Uncle Arthur took me into Washington, DC to go to the National Museum of the American Indian. To get there, we took the Metro, and it was my very first time. There was a lot to see, but I didn’t stay very long before Mommy and Daddy took me home.

Once I got home, Daddy played with me and got me to sit up by balancing on my arms. But a few seconds later I would fall over.

I had a busy day today. First, Mommy took me to our exercise class. It was the last one for awhile and I’m going to miss all my friends. Mommy says we can take a yoga class with them later and then another exercise class.

Then later, Mommy, Daddy, Auntie Jennie, Uncle Arthur and I all went to Bethesda. We met with a friend of Jennie and Arthur’s who also came from England. We had to wait in front of the grocery store because there was a really bad thunderstorm. Then we all went to dinner at a Thai restaurant. There was so many shiny things there, it was really pretty. I got kind of fussy, so everybody took turns holding me.

After dinner, we walked to another restaurant that sold pastries. After that, we all went home. I was very tired and went to bed.

Weight check: 16 lbs 6 oz

It was really hot today, so Mommy took Auntie Jennie, Uncle Arthur and me to a shopping mall in Columbia, Maryland. It was really nice and we got to walk around for awhile. Mommy bought me some new clothes too, but she said I’ll have to wait until the fall before I can wear them.

Sitting Up Is Hard to Do

I don’t sit up on my own very well yet, and Mommy and Daddy find this funny. They help me to sit up, but then let me go. I start leaning forward, and I keep going until my legs kick out behind me and I’m laying on my stomach.

Also, Mommy took me to the library today for baby story time. The babies though were bigger than me and all of them could walk around. There wasn’t much for me to do.


Ugh, what a frelling week. Tuesday night, I bring my cat Sneaky (a.k.a. taupecat) into the bedroom to give her a brush. As I’m tossing her onto the bed, her claws make contact with my wrist, leaving a four inch gash. Ouch. Then on Wednesday, I stub my toe on the leg of the bed WHILE HOLDING SAMMY. I heard a crack and yes there was considerable pain. But like an idiot I go to the Mommy & Me exercise class anyway and pound on it for a good hour. Come home, go to fry up some chicken for dinner and realize that I can’t put weight on it without excruciating pain!!! Sit down, take my sock off, and see that the toe is purple. Broken, great. Still got to hobble out to the Metro to pick hubby up, lugging the baby with me. Fun fun fun.

Also on Wednesday, I pick up the latest baby carrier I ordered, a Hotsling. Using the site’s sizing chart, I ordered a 4. Tried it on, and it’s HUGE!! And this is a pouch, so you can’t adjust it. Now I’m going to have to send it back, but I’m going to take a pic of Sammy and me in it one more time. Watch, he’ll spit up in it or something and I won’t be able to return it.

Time to hobble up to bed.