Monthly Archives: June 2005

Today is the day we usually go to exercise class but there was no class today so I didn’t get to see my new friends. Even so, Mommy and I exercised at home and then she took me for a walk around the block.

Mommy says tomorrow we’re going to go to Grandma Lolo’s house for the weekend. She says that Grandma lives in a strange place called New Jersey.

Today Mommy, Daddy, Grandma Lolo, Unkie Boo and I all went to Taste of Saigon for dinner. It’s Grandma’s birthday tomorrow and we wanted to celebrate. I got cranky because Mommy wouldn’t let me taste the Imperial Rolls, but I was quiet again as long as Mommy and Daddy kept moving my stroller all through dinner. :-)


Wow, what a neat day! Mommy and Grandma Lolo took me to the movies today. It was a special showing where they let mommies and daddies bring babies like me! The movie they showed was “Bewitched.” It was funny.

Then Mommy and Grandma went to a restaurant to eat lunch but I was grumpy.

Yesterday was such a busy day! Mommy took me to the mailbox place to get the package that Grandma Wendy sent me. It had a book, some teddy bears, a stroller warmer thingy, and some really cute outfits that I can’t wait to wear!

Then Mommy took me to the mall to get a card for Daddy and a present for him. Then when we got home she helped me with his present some more. He’s really going to like it!

Now I’m sitting in my swing again. Daddy put on the toy tray and I’m having fun moving the fishies from one side to the other.

Whew! What a busy day I had! First, Mommy had to take Daddy to the airport for a meeting, and I got to tag along. That was a long drive!

Then, Mommy and I went to exercise class. The room was very hot, but we had fun. I got to meet a bunch of other babies like Lauren, Wyatt and Jack. We had a good time.

Grandma Lolo and Unkie Boo were here today. Mommy and Grandma took me to a store to buy fabric for some new carrier that Mommy is going to make for me. Then we all went to a restaurant to eat lunch. I was good and didn’t cry, much.