Photo of Sasha Rotton in wolf face paint.
Sasha at Great Wolf Lodge on May 4, 2013

I’m not nearly as good a photographer as this photo might have one believe.  I just had an amazingly beautiful subject to work with.

Sasha Skis!

Saturday was our last day of skiing for the season.  Having had a good lesson at Whiteface Mountain in Lake Placid earlier in the week, I wanted to take Sasha for one more lesson closer to home.  She was a little scared at first, but quickly got the hang of it.  We can’t wait for next season!

Purim Parade

Last Friday was Sasha’s Purim Parade at preschool.  It makes for a great excuse for all the kids to break out their Halloween costumes for an encore performance.  Sasha went in her Ariel costume to, uh, commemorate when Queen Esther Williams of the Mermaids drove the Romans from Atlantis? Is that how this works?

Sammy’s Thomas the Tank Engine Story

Thomas chuffed along.  Suddenly he noticed he was on the wrong track to fill up the oil car.  So Thomas backed up and chuffed onto the right track.  And then, he arrived at the oil thing.  He lined up the car.  The machine put the oil in.

Suddenly, Thomas noticed that the crank was stuck on the oil pump.  So Thomas wheeshed away to tell all the engines.

Thomas saw Duncan.  “Hello,” Thomas said.  “Did you know that the oil machine was broken?”

“Yes,” said Duncan, and he chuffed away.

Then, Thomas reached over to get his next load.  He coupled onto a very special coach.  Along the way, he met Sir Thomas Hatt.

“Hi Thomas.  I see you’re pushing the special coach today.”

And then, Thomas kept chuffing on.  He chugged away.

He passed Duncan again, who was still at the signal.

Then Thomas kept chuffing along.  Duncan backed up, and Thomas backed up.  He switched tracks and hooked up to his old cars.  And then he chuffed away.

Thomas chuffed right past the signal.  By the time Thomas chuffed past, Duncan had to stop again because the signal had gone back down.

Thomas was tired.  He was pushing a lot of loads today.  He really wanted another train to help him.  And suddenly he saw who wanted to help him:  It was Duncan.  So when the signal went up, Duncan chuffed away to help Thomas.

Then, after Thomas coupled onto the big load, he pulled and pulled into the siding and Duncan got out of Thomas’ way.  Thomas chuffed into the siding.  Duncan chuffed into the front, coupled onto the front car, and the two engines chuffed away.

Pampers Dry Max Controversy

I normally don’t pay much heed to Facebook campaigns like this, but when I heard about this one on the Wall Street Journal This Morning podcast today, I took notice.

I’ve always used Pampers Cruisers (and Swaddlers) on my kids, the younger of whom is 22 months old. When Pampers switched to the new Dry Max style, we saw some negative reviews for it on Amazon (we use Subscribe & Save to buy them), but they mostly complained about their performance, capacity, etc. (I’m trying to keep this as delicate as possible.)

But soon after starting Sasha on the new diapers, she developed a nasty rash all down her, um, crack that for a little while had a few open sores. For over a week she was in so much pain that she screamed during her bath. I didn’t put two and two together until I heard this report and saw the Facebook page. After all, she had diaper rashes with the old style, so I never assumed it was the diaper causing it.  But the timing, and the fact that she hasn’t had a diaper rash in a long time, made me consider that there really was a connection.

Her rash has gotten a bit better, even though we’re still using the Dry Max. We are going to encourage her to use the potty more (something we’ve gotten away from in all the craziness of moving to a new house), and we’re going to try Huggies for awhile and see if that helps with the rash.

I don’t want to jump on the “Recall Pampers Now!” bandwagon, but I do want to take reasonable precautions to make sure my daughter is happy, healthy, and not in constant pain from diaper rash.